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We’re looking to work as your production arm
partnering with your company to create photography and video content

What obstacles are keeping your business from producing content? 


How we help:

    • Interviews on location

    • Docu-style business and creator films and photography

    • Corporate conference sizzle reels

    • Competent with Executives, VIPs and celebrities

    • Remote productions to maintain client collaboration

    • Specializing in small crews and wrapping ahead of schedule

    • Behind-the-scenes

    • Medium format still photography capture – PhaseOne

    • Retainer engagements welcomed for brand consistency and maintaining your social media momentum

🚐 20 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 🚐

Gear  🤓

Sony Cineline cameras, Sennheiser 416, G3 Lav kit, Tentacle sync timecode boxes and Track-E, 32-bit float recorder/timecode. Tascam 10L Lavs, Boom pole, XLRs and rigging. Ronin Gimbal, Benro Tripods. LED panels, 300x Aputure Bi-color, P60c RBGW Panel, 2’ Tube RBGW light, 8x8 cine frame, black fabric, 8×8 diffusion, 4×6 – black, bounce, and silks. Profoto Strobes with Octobox, strip lights. Inovativ tether deck with cart for remote capture. Eartec comms.

Thanks, David Naugle R&D | Studios

Member American Photographic Artists,
Professional Photographers of America,
and the Video Consortium


David Naugle | Founder & Director R&D Productions LLC
Email | txt/call (404) 969-6289

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