Bruce Street School

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Announcing our partnership with Arabia Mountain National Heritage Foundation & Martin Rickles Studio MRS to preserve the history of the Bruce Street School through interviews with the community. Stay tuned for updates! #brucestreetschool

From NHA: Built through a grassroots community effortthe Bruce Street School was the first African-American public school in DeKalb County. While the stone school (also known as “the old school building”) was built in the late 1930s, the Bruce Street School’s history of community-led education efforts goes back to the 1880s. The old school building ruins that remain stand as a legacy to African-American education in DeKalb County and the power of community. 

Video and still photography production
Post Production: R&D
AGENCY PARTNER: Mt. Arabia Alliance
Camera Op: Dillon Tanner
Director: David Naugle
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